Healthy living, prefabricated ceramic house suitable also for allergy sufferers

Healthy living, prefabricated ceramic house suitable also for allergy sufferers

Do you know what is the best-prefabricated house and what material is the right one if you want to live ecologically and healthy? Does it have to be a luxury for allergy sufferers to live in a healthy home?

Health comes first

The construction industry continually comes up with innovations in building materials and construction technologies. Prefabricated house is a phenomenon that does not need to be introduced. The way of building a prefabricated building is known to everyone, and slowly this type of construction is overtaking traditional systems. The advantages of prefabrication are undeniable. The speed of production and construction of a bare house, higher degree of preparation of walls for finishing, strict quality control in production of the walls, and shorter completion time. All of these factors save time and money.

In addition to the advantages of prefabricated house which mainly beneft the budget and thus the total price of the house, it is also neccessary not to forget our health.

Another, more important factor for our health is the ecological character of the used material and its impact on our health. One of the most valuable features of CH technology from the perspective of a new style for living is the very nature and origin of used components and materials. CERAMIC HOUSES EU ceramic houses are manufactured in Europe and only from materials based on harmless natural raw materials. Such an ecological way of living brings us back to the right traditions – closer to nature and to valuing our own health.

The use of only natural materials guarantees us that the premises will be free of any subsequent effects from the action of various chemical materials, which are used, for example, in timber frame houses. The style of living, which is directed towards maximum ecology and ideal environmental aspects, creates truly healthy living.. Without increasing the price you will get a healthy house without negative effects on your health.

How do you protect your health by choosing the right material when building our home, the most valuable thing we have? Order a ceramic house!

Which prefab house is the most suitable for healthy living? What does it mean that the house breathes, that is vapour permeable and diffusely open?

Taking the use of natural building materials that do not endanger our health as a matter of course, the second important factor is the degree of wall vapour permeability. In addition to the value of thermal resistance and operating costs, non-allergic clients are increasingly interested in the vapour permeability of walls in conjunction with housing hygiene.

The optimum relative humidity level is largely influenced by the fact that the building is diffusion open or diffusion closed.

Diffusion closure of buildings brings inadequate ventilation and occurrence of moulds, which are associated with unpleasant problems in the house, which in turnaffects the health of the residents. The best and most economical solution for healthy living is to build a diffusion open building on a silicate basis. Such an ecological building adjusts the relative humidity in the interior, including rooms with the highest humidity (bathroom, kitchen) at no additional cost. CH ceramic walls insulated with mineral wool are therefore not only environmentally friendly and benefit your wallet, but mainly protect your health and the health of your family. Read more about how the production of prefabricated ceramic houses has no impact on the environment.

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