Ceramic prefabricated house, the strength of the walls of the house

Strength of the walls of the house

Are you planning to build a house and deciding between different technologies and building materials? Do you compare construction work, thermal insulation properties, thickness and strength of the material, and, last but not least, its price? Which technology will provide you with the most advantageous input parameters without unnecessary compromises?

You will find the best solution in nature

Natural materials, environmentally friendly production, maximum flexibility, fast construction, healthy living. These are all not only current topics in various discussions but also important conditions when choosing a house. Together with thermal insulation, sound insulation or accumulation properties, they are a criterion in choosing the right construction technology. In some cases, they will be reflected in the higher price of the house. However, this may not always be true. Unlike piece construction, where it is necessary to look for a compromise and the right ratio between price, strength, and other parameters, this contradiction does not apply to prefabricated houses made of ceramic composite. Although the walls of such a prefabricated house are made of a material such as fired brick, the quality parameters and the resulting strength of the walls are better. How is it possible? As with most organic products, you will find the answer in nature.

Which technology will ensure safe and healthy living in a house with the best parameters? Order a ceramic house!

Light as a feather, it can withstand even the strongest wind

Have you ever wondered how it is possible that something as fragile and light as the leaves of a tree can withstand storms? This is due to their ribbed internal structure. The ceramic prefabricated house is a perfect combination of modern, fast construction technology using quality, natural and solid materials.

Why is a compact wall better than a brick?

If the classic fired brick has a strength of 10 MPa and more, its younger relatives – unfired, porous bricks have only up to 2 MPa. In most cases, higher strength also negatively affects the weight or thermal insulation and other properties of the material. The strength of wall prefabricated products, which we produce exclusively from natural raw materials, is more than 6 MPa. Thanks to the production technology, such strength applies to the entire wall area. Thus, you will not find joints in these walls as well as between bricks, where the strength of such joints is lower and, in addition, the effect of different expansion coefficients of brick and binder may be manifested, which is also a source of capillary cracks. Thanks to the strength of the ceramic material, you will not have a problem hanging hangers and other objects. The high strength of the walls guarantees trouble-free home furnishing. You can safely place heavier cabinets and other objects on the ceramic prefabricated walls of your new house.

The main advantages of ceramic houses include:

  • the wall strength of the ceramic house is at least 6 MPa
  • already installed water and electricity distribution, there is no need to cut or mow on the construction site
  • the perimeter walls of the ceramic house are imported from the factory as two-component
  • the walls are made exclusively from natural materials, as well as the thermal insulation used
  • ceramic houses have excellent thermal insulation, sound insulation, and thermal accumulation properties due to their composition
  • less built-up and more floor area while achieving the same properties
  • the service life of a ceramic house is calculated for hundreds of years, practically unlimited
  • there are no hairline cracks in the walls

Prefabricated house from traditional and exclusively natural materials, built in a few hours

Ceramic prefabricated houses, are not only, thanks to their production from natural materials, environmentally friendly and health-friendly. Thanks to the pre-preparation of electrical and plumbing installations encapsulated in the walls of the house and the basic insulation applied during the production of the walls of the house in the plant, we will not only build and hand over the bungalow in a few hours but also the subsequent completion of the house is very fast. The turnkey house can be built in a few weeks. We offer ceramic prefabricated houses at the best prices on the market and it is up to you what scope of delivery you order. We also offer maximum flexibility when designing the layout and the price of a tailor-made house project is the same as the price for a house from the catalog. Ceramic prefabricated houses represent a perfect combination of years of proven material with modern and fast construction technology.

To calculate the price offer for your ecological ceramic prefabricated house, which will contribute to a healthy environment, do not hesitate to contact us.

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