Prefabricated house at the best price on the market

Prefabricated house at the best price on the market

How to build the cheapest house and syill have an ecological house with low running costs?

There are more criteria to compare which house is the best for you. While speed is important to some clients, flexibility is more important to others. However, the final price is decisive for everyone, but no one should at the expense of cost reduce the demands for quality and healthy living in the form of an ecological house. In the construction industry, the rule of better quality = higher price no longer applies. Why can we offer you the ideal home at the best price on the market?

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Creating a house made to measure, but still emphasizing the economy of the project

We will review each project and propose adjustments that could have a positive impact on either lower input or operating costs. The layout of the ideal house must follow the ideas of its future owners. However, every client, even the most demanding one, can be offered an alternative solution which would result in a reducing the cost of the build and also deliver a more energy-efficient house. A house that costs hundreds of Euros each month to run is no longer in fashion anymore. Thanks to the material used, ceramic houses have excellent thermal insulation properties and by their accumulation capability, ensure low operating costs. If a house is built to meet the general requirements of a low-energy building, you will benefit from your low monthly running cost.

Automated processes, and elimination of errors

The primary purpose of the company Ceramic Houses is the production of prefabricated elements of houses, from which the whole family homes, multi-dwelling houses or other low-floor multifunctional buildings are subsequently assembled. The construction system is named CH3E and has 3 E (economic, ecological and energy) in its name. The technology for the production of lightweight insulated walls for construction is unique and progressive. Manufacturing assembly of a large-area elements takes place in production halls, and thus all manufactured building components are under strict technological control. This ensures the high quality of each element and eliminates errors. The products meet all EU standards and all requirements for ecological production. Thanks to the sophisticated production method of which the company has a worldwide patent, the client still has a high degree of flexibility in planning the layout of the house, even with such automated production.

Pre-preperations in the plant reduces the time to complete a house

Walls are prepared for electrical and water distribution, saving time during finishing. Ideally, it is no longer necessary to chase or cut on the construction site, and the work of electricians or plumbers is not only shortened but also easier. External walls are brought to the site already with basic insulation. Only a 3 mm thin layer of lime-based plaster is sufficient for final finishing of the interior.

By completing wet processes in the manufacturing plant, you are no longer restricted by the weather conditions.

As the production of the walls themselves and therefore, most of the wet processes are transferred to the plant, construction becomes less dependent on the weather. It will increase the number of days during the year when it is possible to build without significant restrictions. If it is raining during construction, the porosity of the material ensures that the wall is dry again after a few hours.

The fastest form of construction

The bungalow is built in just a few days! It should not be forgotten that thanks to the pre-preparation of wiring in walls or basic pre-insulation of external walls, the house already as step ahead of a standard block-built bare house.

Thinner external walls give a larger liveable area

Excellent thermal and sound insulation properties of the material, allow us to build houses with thinner walls. The Homese owner gain a larger useful area or, if they leave the same useful area, they will reduce the footprint of the build. They gain more space for life and activities. Compared to traditional build, you will gain an extra space of between 8 and 10m² (for a bungalow with a built-up area of 100 to 150 m²), which is also essential to count in the project’s costs.

Environmentally friendly house, but also healthy for its owners, that is CERAMIC HOUSES EU Ceramic house at the best price on the market

Using only natural materials in the production and construction of ceramic houses saves the most important thing we have: our health. Even after years of use, no harmful substances will release from your walls. Thanks to an unlimited lifetime, your house will not lose its value.

Comparing the price and quality, ceramic house is definitely the best choice on the market, compared to other cheaper technologies. Have you got your own project? Send it to us for a non-binding quote. If you don’t have a project yet, get inspired in our online catalogue of prefabricated ceramic houses.

Do not hesitate to contact us to calculate a price for your ecological CERAMIC HOUSES EU ceramic prefabricated house, which will contribute to a healthy environment.

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