Fire resistance of prefabricated ceramic houses

Fire resistance

Are you planning to build a family house and are interested in which material achieves the best parameters and properties? Why is it important to compare not only the cost of investment and the speed of construction of a new house, but also the properties of the material, such as its fire resistance and reaction to fire? Which material is fire resistant and achieves the highest, and therefore the best, reaction to fire class A1?

Fire resistance of building materials is a necessary condition

Recyclability, the use of natural materials and ecological production that does not pollute the environment are the goals of technological development in most sectors.
The construction industry is no exception. In recent years, we have seen an ever-increasing supply of new construction technologies and materials.
But how do we find out which of them will ensure fast but, above all, quality and healthy housing for future generations? On one hand the properties that favor ceramic prefabricated houses over other technologies and materials are, for example, thermal insulation properties, sound-insulating properties, accumulation properties, long service life, exclusively natural materials, fast production and even faster assembly, affordable prices and lot more.
On the other hand, the properties of a ceramic house, such as fire resistance or reaction to fire, are one of the essential properties of a building materials.

Which construction technology offers the best technical parameters, the highest safety standards and at the same time at the best price on the market? Prefabricated ceramic houses!

Ecological material resistant against fire

Investors, developers, families, future homeowners, you, we, everyone who is going to build their own family house, are influenced by ubiquitous advertising. The image of a new house, located in a beautiful environment, will always make a good impression on a promising customer, which can play a major role in decision-making.
It is extremely important not to focus only on the picture, but especially on what is beneath it. After all, it is about your lifelong savings, your health and the health of your loved ones.

When speaking about fire safety and the associated safety of housing, it is possible to divide buildings and building materials according to their resistance to developed fire (fire resistance) and according to their behavior at the stage of fire (reaction to fire).
Reaction to fire class, as a basic fire characteristic, is classified from A1 to F, where A1 is the highest and the best achieved reaction to fire class.
Tests for reaction to fire classification are defined by the standard EN ISO 1716: 2019 and the standard EN ISO 1182: 2010. The reaction to fire classification must be clearly confirmed and also certified by an authorized body that performs the relevant laboratory tests.

When choosing the supplier, building technology and used material, your should also ask these question: What reaction to fire class has your construction company achieved? Can the manufacturer and contractor of your house document the safety of the walls on the basis of tests?

The company CERAMIC HOUSES EU is not only the supplier, but it is the producer of ceramic walls. Walls are manufactured in our own manufacturing plants, located in Europe. The walls of the ceramic houses are made on the basis of our own patent. The main materials from which the interior and exterior walls are made of meet the reaction to fire classification A1. Thanks to the A1 class, ceramic prefabricated houses from CERAMIC HOUSES EU guarantee safe and quiet living.

Ceramic prefabricated house resistant to fire

The health and life of your loved ones is the most valuable thing you have.

Ecological ceramic prefabricated houses offer a modern way of construction using exclusively natural materials.
In addition to the basic conditions of safe living, such as the guarantee of the best achievable class of reaction to fire A1, the ceramic house also offers other excellent properties.
Building a prefabricated house does not mean only building it quickly and at the low cost.
The prefabricated CERAMIC HOUSE EU is primarily made with regard to the environment and the health of its inhabitants. CERAMIC HOUSES EU will also build any building for you, according to your wishes.
Unlike some other breath taking catalogue houses, you will also have a healthy core under the gold-foil cover of a beautiful project, which will serve not only you but also your descendants for a long time.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, to calculate the price for your ecological ceramic prefabricated house, which will contribute to a healthier environment. Contact us.

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