What are the benefits of a semi-detached house?

Semi-detached houses are not only sought after in the case of development projects. A semi-detached house is a suitable solution even if you have a larger plot of land on which you want to build a house for yourself and for your family or friends. The number of houses is variable and we will prepare a terraced development from the semi-detached house on request. Thanks to the proper stripping of the common walls, you have guaranteed and undisturbed privacy. A semi-detached house can also be an alternative solution to a two-generation house if you want to have your loved ones close to you, but you prefer your own entrance. In addition to separate entrances, the advantage of the semi-detached house is that you can sell the second part of the house at any time.

Choose one of our projects or design your own layout. Project elaboration and modifications are available in the price of the house. The ceramic prefabricated semi-detached house is at a great price and built in a few hours.

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