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We offer great conditions on cooperation:

  • faster construction of bare house
  • maximum flexibility in the layout planning
  • easier creation of more complex shapes (arches…)
  • flexible scope of delivery
  • ecological construction – using only natural materials
  • pre-preparation of walls for electricity and water distribution
  • external walls pre -fitted with insulation
  • lower construction costs
  • faster turnover of your investments
  • larger usable area with the same built-up area
  • for larger volumes of rebates
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Offer your customers Ecofriendly houses built with the latest technology on the market! We will build the house for you in a few days. All other work can be done by yourself. We will build single houses or whole developments according to your projects. Save construction time and dedicate yourself to sales. Leave the building to us.

Please send us your project at or contact us at +421 948 641 518. At a personal meeting, we will discuss your project and create the most economical offer for you.

Build more modern, faster and of better quality

Not just the ceramic material from which CERAMIC HOUSES manufactures the walls of houses, and other residential or utility buildings but also the progressive construction system is unique

Generally, prefabricated houses guarantee faster construction compared to conventional technology (brick construction). The transfer of wall production to the plant not only accelerates the overall construction process but also eliminates errors.

The walls of the house are in production under strict technological control, which guarantees their perfect flatness, accuracy, and other quality parameters. The walls are already fitted with a conduit for electricity distribution and chased for the location of water distribution and sewerage, which will save you time and money in finishing work.

External walls will be delivered with essential thermal insulation. The advantages are not only prefabricated construction but also the material itself. Ceramic houses are an improvement in the properties of traditional brick buildings: Vapor permeability, sound insulation, or excellent thermal insulation properties are essential advantages resulting from the construction of ceramic houses. (an ecological diffusion open building) We provide your clients with quality housing in homes with unlimited lifetime.

We have a patent for production and assembly, which guarantees a monopoly and uniqueness within the whole of Europe. The manufactured wall components meet the current criteria set by European standards. So you no longer have to worry about calculations. Thanks to the synchronization of the individual parts of the construction, you will also avoid, for example, oversized foundations and get more useful area for the same built-up area.

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