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What is a Ceramic Prefab House?

Prefabricated house from traditional and exclusively natural materials, built in a few hours

Ceramic prefabricated houses are environmentally and health-friendly products thanks to their production from exclusively natural materials. They are also characterized by excellent heat-insulating and sound-insulating properties, accumulation property, unlimited lifespan and other advantages. Thanks to the pre-preparation for the professions and the basic insulation applied during the production of the walls in the plant, we can build the rough construction – barehouse of the bungalow and hand it over to you within 3 days. Completion of a turnkey house is possible within a few weeks. The price of a ceramic house starts at 282 Euro per m2. When designing the layout, we offer a maximum flexibility and the price for a tailor-made house project is the same as the price of a catalog house (price per m2). Thanks to these and many other advantages, ceramic houses are a perfect combination of traditional, years-proven quality materials with a modern form of construction.

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What is the difference between a ceramic house and other technologies?

At the speed of construction

Construction of ceramic prefabricated houses is incomparably faster. Prefabricated ceramic house – Bare house can be build from 3 to 5 days. Prefabricated ceramic walls are accurate, have a thermal insulation layer directly installed from the factory and are high quality.

The total price, which is incoparable.

Thanks to a modern technology of manufacturing and construction of prefabricated ceramic walls,
that are made from ceramic composite, production speed and extremely rapid construction can reduce the price level to a minimum. You can have a bare house structure for less than 25.000, – €. See our catalog for prices.

Comparison with timberframe house

  • Comparison with timberframe house the life of a ceramic house is calculated for hundreds of years, i.e. virtually unlimited.
  • Elimination and suppression of fungi, insects and rodents.
  • No chemicals released into the interior over time.
  • There is no need to treat building material.
  • Better sound insulation properties.
  • The possibility of trouble-free retrofits.
  • Diffusion openness – building “breathes”.

Comparison with brick construction

  • the strength of the wall of the prefabricated ceramic house is significantly higher due to the integrity without joints.
  • prepared water distribution and electricity services, there is no need to demolish or cut on site
  • external walls of the ceramic house are imported from the factory as a two-component, with insulation
  • the walls are made entirely of natural materials, as well as the thermal insulation
  • the prefabricated ceramic houses have excellent thermal insulation properties due to their composition
  • less built-up and more useful area while achieving the same characteristics
  • no hairline cracks in the walls

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What is the makeup of a ceramic wall?

4 Fundamental components

Ceramic houses are made entirely of natural materials. The four fundamental composite components are Liapor, Siopor, Cement and special additives to improve their properties. The lifespan is unlimited, as with brick.. Similarly, the quality parameters (vapor permeability, sound and thermal insulation) are also comparable, but thanks to the technology of whole parts production with integrated preparation for services (water, electricity, etc.), you still get the benefits of prefabricated houses.


Diatomite (main component of Siopor) is naturally occurring, smooth silicate stone, which easily disintegrates into a white to off-white powder.

Siopor is an effective, heat-insulating and sound-absorbing silicate material consisting of porous spherical granules. Due to its exceptional properties, it is suitable for ecological and energy-saving ceramic prefabricated houses.The excellent technical parameters of Siopor provide a variaty of uses in the construction of houses.

Siopor - materiál keramických stien


Liapor is made from special Tertiary clays and is better known as Keramzit in our region.

Liapor is a lightweight granulate. By its nature, Liapor ranks among the ceramic material, which belong to the oldest and best proven building materials. Liapore, brings a higher degree of treatment of the basic material, which adds to the basic properties of ceramic materials, such as strength, low water absorption, stability and health, more properties, such as very low bulk density and excellent thermal insulation properties.

Liapor - základná zložka na výrobu keramických stien


Cement is a natural binder that ensures a perfect bonding of composite elements into one solid, monolithic part.

Cement is obtained mainly from local sources.

The basic role of cement is to ensure high, unlimited strength for all types of building structures. We use only high quality cements with higher ultimate strength from renowned Slovak manufacturers. Their quality is guaranteed by constant supervision of the production process, provided by an authorized body issuing the relevant certificates.

The parts of the prefabricated ceramic house are of high quality thanks to the quality binder – cement.

Cement ako základná zložaka na výrobu keramických stien


Special additives based on natural components.

Natural components to improve thermal insulation, sound insulation and static properties of ceramic walls for the construction of ceramic prefabricated houses. These are especially plasticizers which modify the processability and curing of the ceramic composite and also increase its strength. An important ingredient is the aeration additive, which improves the thermal insulation parameters of the composite and reduces its specific weight.

Špeciálne prísady do keramického kompozitu

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What are the features of a ceramic wall?


Technology of the ceramic houses, hides many environmental benefits. It is suitable for allergy sufferers and It is friendly not only to you but also to the environment.


Thanks to modern technology of production and construction of prefabricated ceramic walls, which are made of ceramic composite, production speed and extremely fast construction, the price level can be reduced to a minimum. You can have a house from 266 € per m². The floor area is on average 12% larger. See our catalog for prices.

Energy saving

Due to the natural material used, SW ceramic walls have excellent thermall and sound insulation properties.Significantly reducing both the time and financial demands on the used material for the completion of the house, but also the actual operating costs.

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What houses can we build?


The technology of manufacturing of SW ceramic prefabricated houses has no limitations. We will build any house for you. In addition, some design features such as arched doorframes, are less time and financially demanding as in the onther types of construction.

Take a look at our catalog, we believe that you can choose from it and if not, we will customise a ceramic house for you.

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Is it possible to build a ceramic house according to your own project?

Yes of course

You can be inspired in our or another catalog of family houses. But if no project appeals to you, you can come up with your own design, even if it is only drawn with a pencil on paper. We will redraw your idea and develop a tailor-made project for you.

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What are the projects of prefabricated ceramic houses?

You can choose from our online catalog or we will design a custom made house

The price of the house will also offer and architectural service.
Each project will be adapted to your requirements, price expectations and locality of construction.

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What is the price of a family ceramic house?

Best on the market

The price of SW ceramic prefabricated houses depends on the built-up area, the scope of delivery of the project and site construction. Compared to other construction technologies, the price of a ceramic house for a comparable built-up area and delivery range is excellent and the best on the market.

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How quickly can we build a ceramic house?

Bare house

The bungalow house is built in a few hours. Handover of the bungalow is normally delivered within 7 days. In the case of a multi-storey building, the construction time is extended by several weeks, depending on size and choice of the ceiling construction system.

Turnkey exterior

The exterior of the prefabricated ceramic house is completed on a turnkey basis in our standard delivery range of 1 to 2 months, depending on the size of the house.

Turnkey house

The exterior and interior of the prefabricated ceramic house is completed on a turnkey basis in our standard delivery range in 3 to 4 months, depending on the size of the house.

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What does the contract signing process look like?

It is simple

  • Project selection or customization.
  • Project approval and the contracted scope of delivery
    (what does the price includes).
  • Signature of the contract.

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What types of construction financing do we have?


You can use your own money or credit funds, which are not related to the construction of the prefabricated ceramic bare house. In both cases, it is acting as cash.

A combination of cash and mortgage

Financing the beginnings of construction from your own financial resources and then completing the prefabricated ceramic house, using the bare house as a security for the bank when taking mortgage loan.


If you plan to use a bank loan to finance your houses construction, please contact us for more details.

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Can I see an already built ceramic house?

Yes you can

We had built hundreds of ceramic houses in Slovakia and neighboring countries. We organize regular Open Doors events where you can see a house assembly or a completed house exterior / interior on a turnkey basis. After handing over the building, we respect the privacy of our customers, but you can also visit those who give us permission to do so after moving in. Contact us for an up-to-date list of planned Open Door Days and contact the owners of the ceramic house.

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