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Ceramic prefabricated house, strength of the walls of the house

2021-01-21|Events and news, Magazine, You are asking|

Have you ever wondered how it is possible that something as fragile and light as the leaves of a tree can withstand storms? This is due to their ribbed internal structure. The ceramic prefabricated house is a perfect combination of modern fast construction technology with the use of quality, natural and solid materials.

Fire resistance of prefabricated ceramic houses

2020-09-27|Events and news, Magazine, You are asking|

Are you planning to build a family house and are interested in which material achieves the best parameters and properties? Why is it important to compare not only the cost of investment and the speed of construction of a new house, but also the properties of the material, such as its fire resistance and reaction to fire? Which material is fire resistant and achieves the highest, and therefore the best, reaction to fire class A1?

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