Ecological production of prefabricated Ceramic houses

Ecological production of SW prefabricated Ceramic houses

Are you also concerned by reports of hazardous waste ending up in landfill, unhealthy gases emitted by factories, or when various toxic substances endanger the environment? Are you annoyed by these by-products of human activity, having an impact on nature and our health?

Ecology comes first

Nature and health-friendly products are not only modern but nowadays also necessary. Fortunately, we are looking more and more into the future and the consequences of our behaviour towards nature. Recyclability, the use of natural and environmentally friendly materials, and environmentally friendly production are targets for technological developments in most industries. The construction industry is no exception.

How can you contribute to a healthier environment by choosing the right material for building your home? Order a ceramic house!

We have achieved significant energy savings

Prefabricated Ceramic houses are made out of a material, which among other advantages is also an excellent thermal insulator. The ability to receive heat, store it and then gradually return it to the interior of the house is a very pleasant property that everyone will appreciate. This property guarantees home comfort with any form of heating. Whether you prefer warmer or cooler temperature at home, the ability of ceramics to retain heat will inevitably reflect in your monthly heating bills. Lower energy consumption will benefit not only your wallet but also the environment. In the form of healthy and clean air, the environment will thank you for not burdening it with excessive heating. Read more about how excellent thermal insulation CERAMIC HOUSES EU ceramic material results in lower energy consumption, how it protects your health and is still environmentally friendly. More about how excellent thermal insulation does CH ceramic material provide, how it affects lower energy consumption, protects your health and it is even environmentally friendly can be read in the article: Low-energy prefabricated ceramic house – Save energy, save the environment.

Production is also ecological

We already know that ceramic houses are ecological and protect the health of their inhabitants. But not only the product but also its production is environmentally friendly. Thanks to using natural raw materials in our production, which do not pollute the environment, we support the domestic market and offer work to people also in regions, without industrial parks where many factories are emitting harmful air pollutants.

The production of the walls itself takes place without any adverse effect on the air quality, and the surrounding environment is not burdened with the emission of polluting elements. People living near the factory do not have to worry about the impact on their health. The walls are manufactured in the moulding mats according to the project approved by the investor. This ensures maximum flexibility for clients in planning the layout of the house while producing little or no waste in the production of walls. Thanks to the recyclability of the material, even the minimum waste generated in the production of houses can be reused for the production of less demanding elements.

Do not hesitate to contact us to calculate a price for your ecological CERAMIC HOUSES EU ceramic prefabricated house, which will contribute to a healthy environment.

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