At the speed of construction

Construction of ceramic prefabricated houses is incomparably faster. Prefabricated ceramic house – Bare house can be build from 3 to 5 days. Prefabricated ceramic walls are accurate, have a thermal insulation layer directly installed from the factory and are high quality.

The total price, which is incoparable.

Thanks to a modern technology of manufacturing and construction of prefabricated ceramic walls,
that are made from ceramic composite, production speed and extremely rapid construction can reduce the price level to a minimum. You can have a bare house structure for less than 25.000, – €. See our catalog for prices.

Comparison with timberframe house

  • Comparison with timberframe house the life of a ceramic house is calculated for hundreds of years, i.e. virtually unlimited.
  • Elimination and suppression of fungi, insects and rodents.
  • No chemicals released into the interior over time.
  • There is no need to treat building material.
  • Better sound insulation properties.
  • The possibility of trouble-free retrofits.
  • Diffusion openness – building “breathes”.

Comparison with brick construction

  • the strength of the wall of the prefabricated ceramic house is significantly higher due to the integrity without joints.
  • prepared water distribution and electricity services, there is no need to demolish or cut on site
  • external walls of the ceramic house are imported from the factory as a two-component, with insulation
  • the walls are made entirely of natural materials, as well as the thermal insulation
  • the prefabricated ceramic houses have excellent thermal insulation properties due to their composition
  • less built-up and more useful area while achieving the same characteristics
  • no hairline cracks in the walls

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